We’re having a party!

By Georgia
on Wed 3 Aug 2016



Thursday 25th August 6.30pm – 8pm – The Tide, Portobello

Sometimes all it takes is a cup of tea and a natter!

We are looking for lovely folks to join our community of volunteers in and around Portobello and Leith. So we’re having a tea party!

We put together people with shared interests to create friendships. It’s flexible, fun, fulfilling and all takes place within your local area.

If you are interested in developing a friendship with someone over 60 who is lonely and isolated near you, then please do come along for some tea, cake and to find out a little more about volunteering with Vintage Vibes.

To RSVP either sign up to our Facebook event or email hello@vintagevibes.org.uk

Visit our Volunteering Page for more information on Volunteering with Vintage Vibes.


aeae1fc3-d545-43dc-9348-8a5b89c1de2bAre you a keen baker? We’re always looking for tasty treats to have at our volunteer nights, so please get in touch if you would like to bring something along.


Thank you to Portobello & Craigmillar NP for supporting the funding of this event.

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