Vacancy: Community Adventurer

By Georgia
on Thu 12 Jul 2018

Vintage Vibes Hiring


Salary: £22,283 pro-rata

Salary info: £13, 370 for 3 days/21.6hrs (Fixed term 2 years)

Status: Part time

Closing: 8th August 2018

What exactly is a Community Adventurer?

A significant barrier for older people contributing to their community is lack of confidence & self-belief (amplified by isolation & deprivation). Vintage Vibes has been awarded funding by Comic Relief for the Community Adventurers project.

This is a fresh approach will focus on matching lonely older and younger folk from low-income areas based on shared interests to create true friendships, build confidence and then working with you, our Community Adventurer, to support the friendship to engage in their local community and local causes through volunteering.

This role, based at the Broomhouse Centre, involves 14hrs p/w working alongside a fantastic, but small, team of 2 Service Co-ordinators, a Development Manager and wonderful volunteers to deliver a quality, personalised and responsive beneficiary‐led service to older people in Edinburgh so that VIPs from low income areas are re-engaged with their local communities.

You will explore community based opportunities (from community cafes to local allotments) alongside supporting and supervising the VIPs and volunteers in the delivery of the project. In addition, the role includes 7 hours p/w administrative support for volunteer and VIP processing, communication support and other ad hoc duties.

For more information click here.

Vintage Vibes Team

Interview: Meeting Norma

By Georgia
on Mon 11 Jun 2018

Norma VIP Vintage Vibes

by Luke Stoney


Going to speak to Norma about food went from being a quick meeting to becoming a burgeoning friendship. There is something about Norma which makes you want to be her mate. Not just a friend, but a mate. Norma joked about life in a way that made me want to spend more time with her. 

When I went to speak to Norma about food, I was never expecting a history lesson. But that’s what I got.  

I was taught about streets which no longer exist, shops which have since put up shutters, and a sense of community which we now lack. I don’t know the names of the people who live in the same building as I do; but Norma told me about Willy who was sweet on her and gave her extra butter from the giant slab they had in store, Miss Duncan who owned the sweet shop round the corner and Jip the Sheepdog, who could always be found outside. She brought to life tales of customers with ration tokens to get their single egg and 2oz of cheese every week.

I learned more about Edinburgh in the 2 hours I spent with her than I have in the 2 years I have spent living here. 

Norma grew up in an age of austerity. A time of rations, make do and cod boiled in milk (it is, apparently, as gross as it sounds). Milk tokens, sweetie rations and thoughtful shopkeepers bringing up bags of coal; Norma has lived this life and she looks back fondly upon it. 


Norma’s favourite meal, growing up, is also one of my favourite meals. A mince stew with dumplings (beef suet, she was insistent on that fact) and mashed potatoes. It was regularly that or a decent stew, the gravy was always good.

Norma explained that there was a time when people went home for lunch. People had an hour and a half to head home and enjoy a hearty meal before heading back to work. Nowadays, we’re lucky if we have time to grab a sandwich at our desks.  

There were enduring brands in Norma’s life which we still use today; Bisto Gravy, Heinz Baked Beans were always in steady supply and Picnic bars have been around long enough for Norma to remember eating them at a screening of Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’.


Norma doesn’t much cook for herself, she prefers to grab a meal from M&S. But she has tried her hand at cooking a couple of times, to limited success.  

Norma told me about the time she attempted to make Swiss Roll. Everything went swimmingly in the mixing, stirring and cooking aspect of the cake. The issue came when she tried to roll it; which is somewhat pivotal in the making of a Swiss Roll.

“The damn thing wouldn’t roll”.

…Fortunately, Norma’s father wasn’t all that concerned with the aesthetics of the cake and enjoyed the lot!

Vintage Vibes VIP

Speaking to Norma about her life and the food she has enjoyed (or hated; eg. Boiled Cod) was a fascinating experience. It was great to have the chance to sit down with her and listen as she passionately spelled out “s-o-o-r p-l-o-o-m-s”, to make sure I didn’t get it wrong.

She told me about the worst macaroni cheese her mother made for them and how their brother joined the neighbours in ransacking a local sweet factory after a fire; “we had a lot of chocolate that week”. 

It was delightful to have met Norma and I’m sure I will see her again… I’ve found somewhere which sells soor plooms so I’ll have to drop a bag off for her.  

What’s your food story? We’re collecting food stories from over 60s across Edinburgh.  



Join Our Team: KiltWalk 2018

By Georgia
on Mon 4 Jun 2018

KiltWalk Edinburgh Charity 2018


We’re looking to create a group of FAB volunteers and supporters to do the The KiltWalk Big Stroll, a 15.5 mile walk across Edinburgh on 16th September.


We want to get a gorgeous group together and have a wee party afterwards!

Either we will pay your entry fee and the suggested fundraising target is £300, or… there’s a £30 entry fee and *anything* you raise is a super dooper added bonus. Yay!

Either way we’ll give you loads of support and fun kits for raising funds to help us tackle loneliness!


Click here for more information, or here to email Georgia about getting involved.



Our Ideas: Scottish Government Social Isolation & Loneliness Consultation

By Georgia
on Mon 30 Apr 2018

Vintage Vibes Scottish Government


The Scottish Government have opened a ‘A Connected Scotland’ consultation to ask what is needed to be done nationally to better empower communities and create the conditions to allow social connections to flourish.


Reducing isolation and increasing the range and quality of social connections does not have one single silver bullet. It is complicated, costly, and requires a combination of long and short term solutions that will change our communities for the better.

So, we’ve created a little document that outlines our recommendations; from helping employers to encourage volunteering, to creating a stronger mental health system, from improving transport options to implementing Social Prescribing.

These have been developed in collaboration between the staff, trustees, beneficiaries and stakeholders of LifeCare and The Broomhouse Centre & Enterprises as part of the Vintage Vibes charitable partnership.

We hope you enjoy it!

Click here for Vintage Vibes – Social Isolation and Loneliness Consultation 2018 Response.


To submit your own ideas to the Scottish Government click here. Deadline 30th April 2018.

Could you be our cinema superstar?

By Georgia
on Sat 28 Apr 2018

Cinema SuperStars Vintage Vibes

We’re looking for amazing volunteers to assist with the running of a film group that meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at a Cinema in Edinburgh.

Come along and join other volunteers to help make a friendly community group for over 60s (VIPs) happen. Every fortnight 10 VIPs (lonely over 60s) meet to have a coffee and then go see a film together.

The films are varied, from classics to brand new features, and the group enjoys a variety of types of film!


  • Selecting the film with other volunteers
  • Being there for a chat and to meet and greet the VIPs before the film
  • Enjoying the film (for free) with other volunteers and VIPs
  • Attend the fortnightly group and interact with the VIPs attending
  • Volunteering alongside a small team of other fabulous volunteers

As a volunteer you will get your cinema tickets free as well as travel expenses paid for.

The time commitment is 3-4hours on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month (includes watching the film).

Want to get involved? Contact Heather on or 0131 343 0955

Got Soul – Singing & Doing Good!

By Georgia
on Wed 25 Apr 2018

Do you like the tunes of Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin_ Do you find yourself periodically breaking into song, dance or “doo wops”_


Join us for a night with the joyful Got Soul Choir on Saturday 19th May at the Queen’s Hall.

Got Soul Choir have invited Vintage Vibes to fundraise a part of their fantastic music event. They have chosen their best and brightest to perform with Basement’s Jaxx’s Sharlene Hector as part of this annual Soul Review and it should be a truly wonderful evening!

Do you enjoy the music of Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin? Do you find yourself periodically breaking into song, dance or “doo wops”?

Do you like the sound of live music performed by a talented, professional choir?

You can book your tickets here (they are going fast!), and come and enjoy the festivities.

Got Soul Poster

Looking for lunch-loving volunteers

By Georgia
on Thu 12 Apr 2018

Vintage Vibes lunch club


We’re looking for a lovely volunteer to assist with the running of a community group that meets weekly on a Tuesday from 12-2pm in Corstorphine.

Come along and join other volunteers and community members to help make a friendly community group for over 60s (VIPs) happen. Every week between 10 and 20 VIPs meet, try new activities and have lunch together with the aim of creating new friendships and the chance to be more connected to their community.



  • Being there for a chat and help make the lunch club as enjoyable as possible for our VIPs
  • Helping with set up and clear away the materials for the group
  • Exploring various activities that people can take part in
  • Attending the weekly Group and interact with the people attending
  • Potentially leading on any specific activity that you are interested in taking part in (only if you want to!)
  • Volunteering alongside a small team of other fabulous volunteers


Skills & Experience

No previous experience, just a positive attitude and an interest in events organisation and tackling loneliness. You must be able to come to the lunch every week.



Scrumptious lunch & Travel Expenses covered.



Contact us at or call 0131 343 0955 for further information. Yay!

Looking for Vintage Clothing Aficionados

By Georgia
on Wed 7 Mar 2018

Vintage Fashion Event

Calling all you wonderfully talented young people! 


Do you love vintage fashion? Are you organised and dedicated? Would you love to create an event reminiscent of times gone by?

If so, we’d love to hear from you!

We’re trying to find a super dooper amazing student to put together a Vintage Event with the aim of raising funds to help us tackle loneliness and isolation in Edinburgh’s over 60s.

We’ll give you a budget of £150 – £500 to turn into a fantastic day and you’ll have our lovely events organiser to help you in any way they can. You just need to find a venue, handy band of volunteers and make the event a reality.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch at

Plus, imagine how *good* running a fundraiser for a local charitable project would look on your CV!

Making Snow Days Better for VIPs

By Georgia
on Wed 28 Feb 2018

Scotland Snow VIPs


The snow is super pretty, but can be troublesome for our lovely VIPs (over 60s). Here are a few things you can think about during this chilly weather…
  • If you can’t reach your VIP because of the snow, why not give them a call to have a chat instead?

  • If you’re visiting a VIP this week, could you call them before the visit to see if they need any basic supplies (milk, bread, tea bags etc)?

  • Before you say goodbye, why not check that your VIP has everything they need to stay warm at close hand (blankets, gloves etc)?

  • If a VIP has to stay inside during the snow it can get quite boring, why not take a DVD or CD round that you think they might enjoy?

  • Can you find ways to make the snowy experience positive for your VIP? For example reminiscing about fun snow days as a child.


  •  If a VIP hasn’t been out of the house, it’s likely their path won’t be salted – so watch out for slippery surfaces.

  • Check the weather forecast before a visit to make sure that you will be able to get home safely.

  • Only drive if it is absolutely safe to do so, never put yourself at risk.
 If you have any questions about visiting your VIP, please contact Heather (07795297867) or Andrew (07789722780).

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