Will you bring joy to a lonely older person in Edinburgh this Christmas by sending them a Christmas card?

Your incredible gift of £3 could help a chronically isolated older person feel less alone this winter.

For the past five years we have asked amazing members of the public to write a Christmas card to an isolated older person in Edinburgh.

Due to the pandemic, there is more need than ever for our year round work tackling isolation in Edinburgh – the UK’s loneliest city for older people.

To help us change the lives of more lonely over 60s, we ask that you consider donating £3 to be part of this year’s campaign.

…And if you have a little more to spare, we’ve included other ways that you can make a real difference to someone who is isolated this Christmas (and beyond) that you can pop in your basket!



Goodness, by being involved in our Christmas campaign you are making such a difference to someone at a very tough time of the year. We love you and we are ever so grateful!

From a school, group or business? You can get involved in the campaign here.

Don’t have £3 to spare? Not to worry, you can still be involved in the campaign, just use the code ‘rainbow’ at the checkout and there will be no charge for your card pack.

To find out more about our year-round work tackling loneliness click here or listen to Jean and Wilma talk about their experience:


Our Christmas campaign aims to support all of our Vintage Vibes VIPs with cards, gifts and activities where suitable. If we’re lucky enough to raise more money than we need, any extra funds will be used to help our year-round work tackling loneliness in Edinburgh’s most isolated and vulnerable over 60s. Our services are needed more than ever since the COVID-19 pandemic and we thank you for your support.

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