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Vintage Vibes is an award-winning project tackling isolation and loneliness in Edinburgh.

The project, a partnership between LifeCare Edinburgh and Space at the Broomhouse Hub, started in 2015 as a fresh new way to combat isolation and loneliness among over 60s (called VIPs) in Edinburgh. 

Vintage Vibes creates long lasting one-to-one friendships offering support, companionship and the opportunity for lonely VIPs to be more socially connected and active in their local community.

Find out how Vintage Vibes can help and how you can refer someone who is feeling lonely.

We’re looking for volunteers of all ages (17+) from across Edinburgh. Find out how to get involved and volunteer for Vintage Vibes.

Wanting to find out more about our work? You can read our 2020-2021 Impact Report here.

Interview: Wilma and Jean talk about their friendship

Our Vision

A society where everyone over 60 lives a fulfilled life through real friendship, connection and being treated as an individual.

Our Mission

To help lonely and isolated over 60s by providing companionship and support that is personalised to their needs and integrated with local communities.

To bring about a long-lasting change in attitudes towards the city’s over 60s.

To encourage friendships between all generations and ensure over 60s are treated with care, dignity and respect.

Our Values

  • We love doing things differently
  • We treat everyone as an individual
  • We’re about real friendships

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