Want to be a Volunteer Mentor?

By Georgia
on Thu 22 Dec 2016

New Volunteer Role: Volunteer Mentor/Supporter

Fancy being a volunteer mentor?Almost a year since our launch, Vintage Vibes has a wonderful bunch of volunteers. But now we’re advertising a new role for some lovely people to get their teeth into. That is, being a Volunteer Mentor/Supporter.

Purpose of the role:

The purpose of a Volunteer Mentor/Supporter is to provide extra help to a maximum of 5 volunteers who go out on visits. You will catch up with them over a cuppa every 6 months, help to train them, and inspire them with ideas to make their visits fun.


Vintage Vibes takes place on weekdays. However we would hope a Volunteer Mentor could be available on a Thursday afternoon to spend time in the LifeCare Office in Stockbridge.

The nature of this volunteering role is to develop a relationship with other volunteers. So it is hoped that ‘mentors’ can commit to volunteering for at least 12 months.

Interested in finding out more?

If you would like to have a look at a role description and get further information, email us on hello@vintagevibes.org.uk and we will contact you in January when the office opens again.

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