5 Great Things To Do Near Gorgie in November

By Georgia
on Tue 23 Oct 2018

Gorgie is a great part of the city, with lots to do, a farm (!!) and fab links to the city centre.

We’re going to be spending some time in Gorgie in November, so we thought we’d find out what’s happening in/near the local area…

Here are our ‘5 Great Things To Do Near Gorgie’ in November:




Everyone loves Gorgie City Farm, but did you know that they will be doing pygmy goats and micro pig cuddling in November?

Isn’t this basically the most amazing news you have ever heard?

Dates will be announced soon, keep an eye on their Facebook Page for more details. See you there!




Everyone knows about Murrayfield Stadium, but did you know that just nearby there is an Ice Hockey Rink?

On Sunday 25th November at 6pm you can watch Murrayfield Racers V Dundee Comets in a icy cool battle of fitness and wits! Find out more on the Murrayfield Racer’s website here.

p.s. Turns out you can also go skating and learn to skate at Murrayfield Ice Rink!




Do your little ones love arts and crafts? Well St Martin Episcopal Church are hosting a Free Family Sunday Funday on the first Sunday of every month with inflatables, crafts and games, and a sandwich lunch. Their next event is the 2nd of December from 12.30 -2.30.

St Bride’s Community Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace, are also offering a family friendly cafe open from 10am-3.00pm (last orders 2.30pm) Monday to Friday with a play area for under 5’s and a range of children’s and adults’ books to read.




After a successful run during this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, ‘A War of Two Halves’ returns to Tynecastle Park.

The story of the Hearts team that went to war will come to life once again between 2nd-11th November.

To find out more and book tickets click here.




Did you know that Gorgie Road has one of the best rated (on TripAdvisor) Virtual Reality experiences in all of Scotland?

We’ve never tried it, but popping in and out of different worlds at The Realm sounds pretty exciting to us!

You can find out about the games and events that are available in November here.




95bf0b76-7b5e-4677-bd73-870a8a02e185Sounds like you’ve got a busy month ahead? Well we’ve added a sneaky number 6 as we’d like to ask a wee favour of you…

Not everyone in your local area gets to live as fun and exciting a life as you do.

There are approximately 4,760 people in Gorgie and the surrounding area who are aged 65 and over, and of them, 1,798 live alone. That’s over 37% just in and around Gorgie.

Of this local group it’s estimated that over 1,500 only have the TV as their main form of company each week, who have no family or friends to visit them and who struggle to get out by themselves.

These Gorgie locals are lonely and isolated, and chronic loneliness has been shown to increase the chances of developing dementia by 64%.

We’re looking to change that. And there’s a way you can help that is right on your doorstep.


We are a charitable service that tackles loneliness by creating long-lasting friendships. We put together people of shared interests, who live locally to one another, for a cup of tea and a natter. Simple as that.

It’s very flexible, you can visit once a month, a fortnight or a week at a time that suits you, and we take time to match you with someone who shares your interests and is easy for you to visit. We have rugby fans rejoicing in shared wins, chess fanatics battling each other, cuddly pooches visiting dog lovers and more.

We’re looking for Gorgie locals to sign up and be the difference to someone in your local community.

We can train you and match you in your local area and there’s a great community of volunteers who meet up monthly. It’s that easy.

If you think you could spare a wee bit of time to visit someone in your neighbourhood then get in touch, we would love to hear from you.



From another area of the city?

We would still love to hear from you! We work across Edinburgh to tackle loneliness and are always looking for new volunteers.

Please help us by sharing this post with others.

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