Our Fab Christmas Card Guidelines!

We are so incredibly excited that you are sending a Christmas card to a lonely over 60 (VIP) in Edinburgh this year. THANK YOU!

Below is a (hopefully helpful!) little guide to writing your card.


  1. Make sure that the Code on your VIP profile is visible on the inside of your card
  2. We need to receive your card back by Tuesday 14th December, so make sure to pop it in the post by Saturday 11th December
  3. Please do not include any personal details in your card (address, last name etc) as we will not be able to send it on
  4. If you want to help Vintage Vibes even more, please use your own stamp and envelope to save our postage costs (pop the freepost envelope back with your card)

Writing your lovely card...

We know that receiving these cards really brightens the days of our VIPs at a time that can sometimes be difficult for them.

We want to encourage you to be as personal as possible, so tell them about what you love to do, your favourite joke, or even send a picture or little craft (just make sure it fits within the card!). Use the information in their profile to help if you get stuck!

One thing we ask, is please don’t include any identifying information about yourself (apart from your first name) as we won’t be able to deliver the card if you do.

Whatever you write, we know your card will be bringing so much happiness. As you’re writing to an older person to brighten their day, please try not to talk about them being lonely or by themselves, as this may make them feel sad.

Thank you so much!

What to do next?

So you’ve written your card, what next?


  1. Check the VIP code is visible within the inside of your card (this can be found on the profile)
  2. Help us spread the word by sharing a selfie of you and your card and tagging our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!
  3. Pop your Christmas card in the freepost envelope and send it back to us. Hurrah!

(If you want to help Vintage Vibes even more, feel free to use your own envelope and stamp, or you can even pop a cheeky wee donation in the envelope to support our work tackling loneliness year round!)

Looking after our world...

You may have noticed that our campaign looks a little different this year…

That’s because we want to do good, whilst taking better care of our planet!

This year we’ve made a few changes to reduce the environmental impact of our campaign, whilst still bringing joy to as many isolated over 60s as possible.

  • We’re using QR codes and this online guide instead of a paper version in your pack
  • We’re using recycled paper envelopes to post out our packs
  • We’ve cut down on non recyclables (no stickers this year!)
  • We’ve tried wherever we can to use card leftover from previous campaigns instead of ordering new

We know this means the campaign looks a little different, but fingers crossed the difference it makes to our lonely VIPs will stay the same!

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