COVID-19: how to help during lockdown

By Georgia
on Thu 7 Jan 2021

Looking for ways to help during lockdown?

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We know that this is an incredibly tough time for many people. We may now be used to life under lockdown, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to navigate.

It can still be difficult to know how best to help during lockdown.

As a team, we’ve continued to be astounded by the number of incredible people coming forward wanting to help.

So, we’ve pulled together a few ways you can do a little something to help during lockdown whilst keeping yourself safe.


1) Refer someone to Vintage Vibes…

Know someone who is over 60, living in Edinburgh, and feeling lonely? We can help. We’re all about building friendships between volunteers and VIPs (our over 60s) to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness.

If you would like to know more or refer someone to Vintage Vibes, contact us on 0131 343 0955 or at


2) Volunteer…

We’re always looking for more volunteers to join our gang and build even more friendships across Edinburgh.

Volunteering with Vintage Vibes is great fun and highly rewarding. Plus, you gain a new friend in the process!

Our volunteers are needed now, more than ever, to help us keep tackling loneliness in Edinburgh’s over 60s.

Interested? Find out more about volunteering with Vintage Vibes here, or contact us at


3) Stay in touch…

Do remember to keep in touch with your loved ones.

Even a five-minute phone call on a regular basis will make a huge difference. Or something like a care pack or letter will brighten their day during this time.

Older people have been isolated for prolonged periods of time throughout this pandemic. So these small acts can really bring a little cheer.


4) Help nearby family…

Consider what you can do for vulnerable family members who may not live nearby. For example, can you:

  • organise a supermarket delivery for them?
  • set up a regular call or video chat?
  • help them organise for someone to drop off medicine or essentials to them?

There’s a lot you can do from afar that will make a difference.


5) Look out for your neighbours…

Think about your neighbours who are older and vulnerable.

If you already have a relationship with any of your neighbours, why not pop a note through the door to see if you can help?

There’s a lot you can do without direct contact (that might put them at risk), such as picking up bits from the shops or walking their dog. And this could make a big difference.


6) Support local charities and businesses…

Finally, keep supporting local charities, services and businesses.

For many older people, local and accessible businesses and projects are essential. And we need them to survive long-term so that they are there for older people when the lockdown period is over.

This continues to be an immensely tough time for lots of smaller local organisations, so if you can, keep supporting these local organisations. It will make a long term difference to older people’s communities!


Got questions on how to help during lockdown? Feel free to get in touch with us.


Or for further advice and ideas, you can also check out our friends at Volunteer Edinburgh and Age Scotland.

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