A pup’s guide to visiting a VIP ~ by Squeak

By Georgia
on Wed 18 Oct 2017

We asked Squeak the Scottie dog to tell us all about visiting her VIP Jessie…


“I visit my VIP on the same day every week & I know exactly where I am going when my owner puts me in the car. I am excited as we near her house and look out of the window in anticipation of the car stopping.

I hurriedly pull my owner towards the door and sit impatiently for the front door to open. When my VIP opens the door I rush in and have a good smell to see who’s been there since our last visit. My VIP is very happy to see me and gives me lots of tummy scratches and smiles. I roll about the floor and give her kisses as I like it when she is happy.

Squeak and Jessie

If the weather is nice we go for a small walk and I like to stick close to my VIP. She always laughs when I do silly tricks and if I’m good she gives me a sneaky rich tea biscuit when my owner isn’t looking. I am always sad to leave as I like to snuggle at my VIP’s feet but I know that I’ll get to come back next week! My VIP waves to us as we go and I always give her a bark goodbye.”

Squeak and Jessie

Danielle (mum of Squeak!)

Squeak enjoys her visits with our VIP and it’s amazing how she remembers where we are going. Our VIP is always excited to see us. Squeak likes to show off her tricks and I love to hear our VIP giggle and shine when we are there. I don’t let on about the cheeky rich tea biscuits as I like how bonded they are becoming. I am glad that Squeak is able to enjoy making a friendship just as much as I am!


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