Emergency Christmas Card Appeal

By Georgia
on Wed 30 Nov 2022

Sadly our office on Ferry Road was affected by flooding and has been closed, and so we can’t do our usual Christmas card campaign this year.

But don’t worry, Christmas isn’t cancelled! We know this time can be particularly lonely and isolating for older people, so we have come up with a new way for wonderful local people to send personalised Christmas cards to our VIPs this year.

Your cards are always hugely meaningful for our VIPs, with many not receiving any other Christmas cards or gifts over the festive period. If you’d like to sign up to bring a Christmas smile to the face of one of our wonderful older people, please click the following link: https://vintagevibes.org.uk/support/.

You can be as creative as you like! You can make or buy a card for your VIP, and write a lovely message inside especially for the VIP featured in your profile. Then, send the card over to us and we will make sure that your VIP receives it.

As part of signing up, we’ve included a suggested donation of 50p to help support our work tackling loneliness all year round, but there is also a code featured on our Christmas page to access the profiles for free (we would never want money to be a barrier to helping tackel loneliness!).

If you are looking to help support our work longer term, there are a range of donation options that you can add on to help pay for a cup of tea, a meal or even transport for our VIPs.

Once signed up you will receive an email with a link to a profile of one of our VIPs – this will include their first name and a little about them to help you write your card. Guidelines are also available to help you with ideas of what you could include in your message.

(An important reminder here is to save, screenshot, or write down the profile as soon as you see it! It won’t be saved automatically.)

The deadline for sending cards is the 16th December 2022. Thank you so much for getting involved, and please do help us spread the word!

Merry Christmas!

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