Inspiring, Incredible Grandparents – Your Stories

By Georgia
on Mon 2 Oct 2017

Inspiring, Individual, Incredible Grandparents – YOUR STORIES

Back in September, we joined up with Generations Working Together to share our favourite stories about our grandparents.

We invited our followers to join in on the hashtag #gwtstories and we’re so glad we did. Reading your stories about your funny, generous, clever and fearless grandparents certainly brightened up our office and made us chuckle.

Because we want to spread the joy, we’ve gathered a selection of stories here about the wonderful grandparents who have shaped our followers’ lives and inspired them in a whole host of different ways. 

A Magical Time



Richard remembers his grandad’s house ‘as a place of stories, curiosity and imagination, where there was always something new to see and learn about; some weird and wonderful object or fact that he’d collected to share with me’. Now he is a father, he loves sharing facts and magic tricks with his own son and wonders if his grandad got as much enjoyment from it as he does now. As he says, ‘Then I remember the mischievous sparkle in his eye, and I know for sure that he did.’ 

From Richard Croasdale, via Facebook 




Danielle’s nana was a seamstress and Danielle remembers watching in awe as she created ‘the most wonderful wedding dresses’. She shared her gifts with her granddaughter: teaching her how to make pillowcases and making outfits from leftover material. She always encouraged Danielle to explore and be herself and loved bringing the whole family together (that’s her and Danielle stepping forward together in the photo!).  

From Danielle Campbell, Vintage Vibes Volunteer, via Facebook 

Danielle and her Grandmother

Danielle and her Grandmother





Hazel’s grandparents lived amazing lives and continue to inspire her. Her grandmother was an excellent cook and loved gathering her family for delicious feasts. She displayed enormous strength in serving as a magistrate at a time when it was a challenging role for a woman. As if that wasn’t enough, she was the headmistress of an exclusive prep school and went on to run a school in Sudan – where she spent a short time in prison falsely accused of being a spy. As Hazel says ‘I pity anyone who tried to keep my grandmother in prison for long!’ 

Hazel’s grandfather was born in India, later moving to England with his mother, and grew up to be an engineer. Hazel describes him as ‘otherworldly, quietly clever and precise but not concerned by the material things (except curry).’ She says ‘I learnt huge amounts from them, and I’d love to be able to channel their strength in my own life too.’ 

From Hazel Bartels, via Facebook 




Between the four of them, Jess’s grandparents have had more adventures than you could shake a very big stick at. Her Grandma helped set up the zoo in Kuala Lumpur and her Grandpa was still writing books and going hillwalking into his eighties. On the other side of the family, her Granny was an air hostess in the 1950s while raising 5 children through homes across multiple continents. Her Grandpa was always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need – no matter where they were at the time. Jess says: ‘I can only hope that I can live a life one tenth as full as theirs are, or have been!’ 

From Jess Poore, via Facebook 




Kirsty’s glamorous Granny was “a real force of nature”. Kirsty talks about how tough, immensely spirited, and achingly funny was. Worked until the age of 80, walking 6 miles a day in stiletto heels, and re-decorating her whole house every year top to bottom. Nothing stood in her way!  Kirsty says, “I often think of her energy and determination and it gives me inspiration to keep going.”

From Kirsty Potter, via Facebook

Kirsty's Grandmother

Kirsty’s Grandmother





Emilyjaney’s gran was always making her laugh. She remembers her cheeky sense of humour keeping things interesting: ‘As she got older she lost her hair and would wear a wig…but she had fun with it by flashing her bald head at passers-by to see their reaction. Priceless.’ 

From emilyjaney, via Instagram 




Jenniestamp has this lovely story to share about her grandad from her wedding day: ‘On my wedding day last year my grandad kissed the palm of my hand and told me it will be with me forever. Every time I see him he rubs my hands and tells me to always remember 💛’ 

From jenniestamp, via Instagram 





And finally, jan_stagram shared this beautiful poem, which her gran kept tucked inside her bible, with us: 

‘Be like the sunflower
Brave, bright
Bold, cheery
Be golden and shine
Keep your roots strong
Your head held high
Your face to the sun
And the shadows
Will fall behind you’ 

From jan_stagram, via Instagram 

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their stories with us. Do you have any stories about your fabulous grandparents that you’re itching to share?

We would love to hear from you! You can email your stories to us on or head to our Facebook page to share.  





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