5 Great Local Things To Do In Leith This Week

By Georgia
on Tue 2 Aug 2016

Looking for things to do in Leith?

Leith is known by many as one of the most creative and community-focused areas in Edinburgh, and that’s why we love it!

Here are our ‘5 Great Things To Do In Leith’ This Week:



2f98e164-3e87-4cd1-b5da-2e51a6f36d46Although it’s over a year old, the weekly Saturday Market is still unknown to some locals. It has everything that is scrumptious and we love it because you get to meet local bakers, cooks, jam-makers and more.

You can find the sister to Stockbridge Market at Dock Place from 10-5pm every Saturday, with a Vegan Quarter on the first Saturday of the month.



9ce678c9-93df-4dd9-9e66-43507c8e06e1Coburg House, on Coburg Street, is an amazing hub of creative folks. Another of our favourite things to do in leith, the historic building is home to studios of artists, designers and makers and they regularly open their doors to the local community.

Their next Open Studios is this weekend, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th August and is well worth a visit (maybe after popping to the market!).



1c241475-9dad-4b09-bf84-51a8d1d445f8For anyone who hasn’t visited Sofi’s on Henderson Street, it is an absolute must.

This cosy, cute bar is holding a Vintage Party this Saturday from 2pm – 5pm with cupcakes, burlesque, upcycling, hair styling and more. Take a step back into the past and have some fun! Of all the things to do in Leith, this is certainly one of our favourites!



ad6caa3b-5716-49fd-9701-b8c9f10241a0We love a tea party and a good old reminisce, but you have to have the right vintage outfit!

Out of the Blue is an inspiring community hub just off Leith Walk and they are holding an Affordable Vintage Fair this weekend with only a £2.00 entry fee. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon.



95bf0b76-7b5e-4677-bd73-870a8a02e185Sounds like you’ve got a busy weekend ahead? We’re pleased we could help! Now we’d like to ask a wee favour of you…

Not everyone in your local area gets to live as fun and exciting a life as you do.

There are 5,386 people in Leith and Leith Walk alone who are aged 65 and over, and of them, 2,480 live alone. That’s just in Leith and Leith Walk.

Of this group there are some who only have the TV as their main form of company each week, who have no family or friends to visit them and who struggle to get out by themselves.

These local Leithers are lonely and isolated, and chronic loneliness has been shown to increase the chances of developing dementia by 64%.

We’re looking to change that. And there’s a way you can help that is right on your doorstep.



We are a charitable service that tackles loneliness by creating long-lasting friendships. We put together people of shared interests, who live locally to one another, for a cup of tea and a natter. Simple as that.

It’s very flexible, you can visit once a month, a fortnight or a week at a time that suits you, and we take time to match you with someone who shares your interests and is easy for you to visit. We have rugby fans rejoicing in shared wins, chess fanatics battling each other, cuddly pooches visiting dog lovers and more.

We’re looking for local Leithers to sign up and be the difference to someone in your local community.

We can train you and match you in your local area and there’s a great community of volunteers who meet up monthly. It’s that easy.

If you think you could spare a wee bit of time to visit someone in your neighbourhood then get in touch, we would love to hear from you.


If you’d like to find out more, get in touch or come and find us in Leith and Portobello this summer:

  • Saturday 6th August – Portobello Monthly Market
  • Saturday 13th August – Ocean Terminal, Leith
  • Saturday 20th August – Portobello High Street
  • Saturday 27th August – Portobello Beach Busk
  • Saturday 3rd September – Leith Market Vegan Quarter


From another area of the city?

We would still love to hear from you! We work across Edinburgh to tackle loneliness and are always looking for new volunteers.

Please help us by sharing this post with others.

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