Meeting Face to Face – some helpful tips

By Georgia
on Tue 15 Jun 2021

We understand that many of our wonderful volunteers are desperate to see their VIPs face to face again. Like all of us, having a cuppa and a blether with someone we care about is something we’ve truly missed.

In these pandemic times, meeting face to face is finally possible. Therefore, for everyone’s safety and wellbeing, we have created the following tips. We thought we’d share it on our blog in case it is useful for any of you considering visiting a vulnerable loved one again.

Meeting Face to Face…


  • Keep in mind the vaccine status of your VIP and yourself and any additional risk factors that either of you may have (e.g. having been previously shielding)
  • Think about how would you travel to and from your VIPs home?
    • If possible, try to avoid public transport and walk, cycle or drive.
  • Consider if your VIP lives with anyone and/or have carers who would also be present during the visit?
    • If so, try to organise your visit outwith these times.
  • Call your VIP/Next of Kin to check that your VIP is OK for a visit. Have an open conversation with your VIP about how they feel about an indoor visit. What are their and your concerns?
    • Remember, there’s no rush – and with the summer weather outdoor visits are a great option too.
  • If you think you have symptoms of coronavirus (new continuous cough, high temperature or fever, loss of taste/smell) or have come into contact with someone who has symptoms then you must NOT visit your VIP.  You should inform one of the team that you are unable to visit and should follow the most up-to-date government advice which can be found here –


As an extra precaution, we’d recommend taking regular lateral flow tests to check that you do not have coronavirus.

You can order several lateral flow tests online for free. If you would like to take one prior to your visit you are able to order them here: Any positive lateral flow tests should be followed up immediately by booking and taking a PCR test.


  • Wear a face mask when entering, moving around and leaving your VIPs home.  You can remove the mask when seated.
  • Volunteers must wash their hands or use hand sanitiser when you arrive and when you leave.
  • Keep contact and touching of surfaces to a minimum, avoid using your VIPs toilet if possible, but where necessary, make sure surfaces are wiped down and hands are washed afterwards.
  • Maintain the 2m social distancing from your VIP when practical to do so.
  • Bring a bottle of water, other refreshments or snacks with you. Explain to your VIP that you will bring your own refreshments in advance
  • If possible, open windows and doors during your visit to allow fresh air circulation


If a VIP has a fall or becomes unwell during your visit and requires any physical assistance, you should ensure that before and after assisting them you make use of hand sanitiser.  You should minimise any contact and where possible use gloves and a facemask whilst assisting them.  You should only breach physical distancing restrictions to give physical assistance where necessary.


We hope these tips help you feel confident meeting up face to face sometime soon. But remember, if you don’t feel ready that is absolutely fine too. We are here to help every step of the way.

It’s natural to feel nervous about the world opening up again as pandemic restrictions lift. If you are feeling overwhelmed check out to find out ways to look after your mental health during this time.

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