Nominate us… the easy thing you can do!

By Georgia
on Mon 6 Jan 2020

Nominate us at your work or school…

For a bake sale, a team run, as charity of the year/month/day. Everything makes a difference!

Super Important Message Below…

We hate asking for favours, but you have *no idea* how much of a difference local offices, shops, businesses and schools supporting us makes to our work.

You can help us spread the word, raise a few pennies (every little helps!) and have a boatload of fun doing it.

* WHY NOW? *


January is often the time that organisations start thinking about who they are going to support this year, and we’d love it to be a little Edinburgh project working hard to tackle loneliness for local over 60s.

So whether it’s you, your partner, your child, your neighbour please do consider nominating Vintage Vibes! We have all sorts of support and resources and it makes a MASSIVE difference.

Thank you so very much,

Georgia, Heather, Andrew and Mary xxxx

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