Office Volunteering Opportunities – Updated

By Georgia
on Tue 11 Apr 2017

The Vintage Vibes office is a really friendly, fun place to get experience or spend a few hours a week doing good.

We’re always looking for wonderful people to help – and rather than give you boring admin, we always try to work with you on a project you will feel passionate about.

Here are the current volunteering roles available for our upcoming projects:

Spreading the Word SuperStar

This is a role that is all about finding and telling interesting stories. We need someone who will help us find great stories about our VIPs, our volunteers and also about issues surrounding isolation and dementia.

You’ll also be finding interesting and valuable information to create tips and tricks for our volunteers – such as free things to do with VIPs in the city. You’ll be pulling together blog posts, social media content and even potentially videos – all to help inspire Edinburgh to make a difference.



Volunteers are the most important part of Vintage Vibes and we want to make sure our matched volunteers all feel supported. This role can be done from the office or at home as we will give you a group of volunteers local to you.

This role is about organising volunteer get-togethers, catch ups and making sure that all volunteers feel happy and supported 🙂


This is all about getting students from the different local universities, or your own university if you’re a student, excited about Vintage Vibes and encouraging them to do fun and wacky things to fundraise.

It might be helping them get involved in challenge events (we have a bouncy castle 5K race coming up!), or club nights or bake sales, all sorts. It’s about developing relationships and keeping everyone enthusiastic 😊


We are about to set up groups so that VIPs can meet up in the South of Edinburgh. This role would be to support our new coordinator in setting up the events, contacting our VIPs, promoting the events etc.

Office Saviour

Last but not least is our Office Saviour role. This is perfect for someone who loves a good list and gets satisfaction from getting the every day tasks done.

Vintage Vibes is only a wee organisation, and sometimes to make a real difference to lonely VIPs we have to get very practical things done like updating our database, organising mail outs and booking venues. Yes, it doesn’t sound as glamourous as some of the other roles, but for an organisation-addict this role is perfect – and is essential to helping us do what we do.


Do you think you could commit some time to volunteer with Vintage Vibes? We’re looking for friendly folks who can volunteer on a regular basis – but to suit you.

It could be a day a week (amazing!), half a day a week (whoop!), or just a couple of hours a fortnight (just as amazing!). Any time you can give is appreciated – even as a one off.

We’ll help you plan out your project, give you copious amounts of tea, and work with you to ensure that you develop all the skills you need! We’re also great at giving references to those who help us, so we can help your CV look amazing if that’s what you need.

Oh, and did we mention you get your travel and food paid for? That includes a scrumptious lunch in our cafe every time you volunteer.


Email with a short paragraph introducing yourself, a little bit about you and what you are interested in.

We look forward to hearing from you. xx

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