Saying goodbye to Nate… pun master and coffee addict!

By Georgia
on Mon 18 Nov 2019

Today we say goodbye to Nathan (Nate) Phillips. He’s one of our most talented volunteers in the world of social media and communications!

Nate Phillips Vintage Vibes Volunteer_1

Nate has been essential to reviving Vintage Vibes communication channels over the past few months. And we don’t know what we’re going to do without his philosophical whimsy, addiction to puns and fantastic teamwork.

We wish you all the best Nate as you adventure off into the world – come visit us any time!


“I’m Nate. I have an affinity for 80’s music, puns and coffee. And I’ve been a Vintage Vibes Spread the Word Superstar Volunteer since July 2019.

Before starting at Vintage Vibes, I graduated in English and Contemporary Media. I recently moved to Edinburgh looking to gain some experience in communications and came across this amazing opportunity. The past few months have been an incredible learning curve. Because I’ve been creating blogs, press releases and conducting hours of research looking for good news to spread positivity across social media. I’ve learnt so many valuable skills and met awesome people!

Learning how to use creative tools such as Canva and third party programs to create social media content has allowed my skills and confidence to grow. And all with the amazing guidance from Georgia, who has been inspiring as a communication guru and mentor. With this confidence I feel my skills are now within the professional capacity. I wear the title of Superstar with pride because the Vintage Vibes family made me feel welcomed and valued. Being part of this incredible organisation is something I am very proud of!

Hearing so many amazing stories and seeing how the Vintage Vibes tea-riffic superstars have compassion as a collective to tackle isolation and loneliness is awe-inspiring. And with new superheroes coming everyday I can’t wait to see the future growth and impact Vintage Vibes has: changing lives with yellow, smiles and one tea bag at time!”

Nate Phillips Vintage Vibes Volunteer_2

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