VIDEO: What does Vintage Vibes mean to you? #Befriendingwell

By Georgia
on Tue 5 Nov 2019

It’s Befriending Week. And this year’s theme is #Befriendingwell. So at a recent event we asked what friendship means to our community.

Here’s what they had to say…

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The London School of Economics found that compared to folks who never volunteer, those who volunteer every week had a 16% increased likelihood of feeling “very happy”!

Our incredible volunteers have reached over 10,000 hours of friendship with our VIPs. That’s a lot of happy faces! #Befriendingwell

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Video Transcript

What does Vintage Vibes mean to you?

“Vintage Vibes means helping older people in the City of Edinburgh and making them feel special.”

“It means proper friendship. It means real people. It means tons of yellow. It means acts of kindness across the city. And it means just fantastic fun!”

“It means one of the best friendships I’ve ever had, with my VIP.”

“It’s about people, friendships, stories, and fun.”

“Vintage Vibes is a chance to meet lots of great new people and to collect some fabulous stories.”

“Finding friends where you might not think to look. And great coffee and lasagne!”

“It means being silly, having fun, and making friends.”

“Vintage Vibes just gives the space and time to sit with somebody, have a chat, just give them the time of day and some nice company.”

“Vintage Vibes makes me cry, for all the right reasons!”

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