VIPs explore space, the ocean and the world through virtual reality!

By Georgia
on Thu 29 Nov 2018

Thank you so much to The Realm VR for hosting our Community Adventurers launch yesterday.

VIPs Adrienne, David and Donny had a fantastic time experiencing virtual reality for the first time.

All the VIPs found the experience mesmerising. Travelling on Apollo 11 into space, exploring an underwater shipwreck, and being on board the Titanic were just a few of the scenarios the group experienced.

“I know I would never swim deep underwater so this gave me a chance to overcome that fear and experience it”.

“When I was on the Titanic, it was so real I wanted to touch a distressed mother who was facing being split from her teenage son”

“ I have never seen such colourful fish – it was amazing”

“An enormous whale swam right next to me and looked me right in the eye – it was an awesome experience”

The visit celebrated the launch of our Comic Relief funded ‘Community Adventurers’ project, helping isolated over 60s from our friendships and groups to get involved in brand new adventures in their community.

Our Community Adventurer, Mary, will work with Vintage Vibes one to one friendships and group members to create new opportunities within their community – from re-discovering past interests to trying something new.

To get in touch with Mary click here.

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