What a difference 90 hours makes… Saying Goodbye to Rebecca

By Georgia
on Thu 4 Jul 2019

For the past six weeks Rebecca has been a shining light in our little office.

Rebecca has spent Wednesdays and Thursdays as our Fabulous Fringe Festival volunteer, utilising her meticulous attention to detail and wonderful ‘can do’ attitude to plan events for our VIPs, volunteers and supporters for this year’s Edinburgh Festival.

We are really grateful for Rebecca’s dedication and passion over the past couple of months. Although only able to be with us for a short period of time, it truly feels like she will always be a Vintage Vibes-er!

Best of luck in your new role in Public Health Rebecca!

Rebecca’s story…

“I am Rebecca – cake lover and junior doctor with a bit of time out in Edinburgh between jobs. 

I have had such a fantastic six weeks being a small part of an incredible team here at Vintage Vibes! 

As the ‘Fabulous Fringe Festival Volunteer’ my role has involved coordinating meet-ups for our wonderful VIPs and volunteers, so everyone can enjoy the Festival, as well as approaching shows about collaborating during the Fringe. 

My role was made so much easier by the Edinburgh Fringe organisers, with their very generous donation of £1400 worth of Fringe tickets. I also found their fabulous Accessibility Services helpline was always there to answer my questions and find the best solutions for our groups. 

This has been a great opportunity to develop my written communication and design skills (something that was definitely new to me!). It has been so valuable to do something a bit outside my comfort zone, at all times supported and encouraged by the fantastic Georgia. Plus, I now have a vast knowledge of the Fringe 2019 Programme

I love the enthusiasm and dedication of the team I have been working with, their passion for tackling loneliness and isolation in Edinburgh is clear. It is an excellent working environment, with a great ethos, and very inclusive of volunteers. The team always has time for you. If I were not starting a new job in Nottingham, would definitely have stayed much longer

I will be keeping in touch and cannot wait to hear about all the exciting times ahead for Vintage Vibes. 


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