Interview: Wilma and Jean talk about their friendship

By Georgia
on Fri 19 Oct 2018


Every week we hear from VIPs and volunteers about the difference their friendships have made to them.

We receive stories about laughing until you ache, discovering brand new experiences together, sharing passions, and living life to the full. Every one fills us with joy.

When we’re very lucky, we get to record some of these stories. Today we are delighted to share a wee interview with Wilma and Jean…

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“My name is Wilma Grassie and my job was teaching.”

“My name is Jean Maingay and I worked in a research lab.”

Q) Why did you get involved in Vintage Vibes?

“Somebody told me that I was retired and I ought to be volunteering and doing something useful. So, I checked out a website on volunteering opportunities in Edinburgh.”

Q) Tell us about your friendship…

“Well she’s a great mate of mine, yeah. I mean she really is a good friend and we get on well, and we think along the same lines and. I mean, I look forward to her visit every week, I really do.”

“I would describe Wilma as a really good friend of mine. I think, had we met years ago it would have been lovely. But we have met and we each benefit, I think, from each other’s company. Yes, definitely.”

“I would agree with that, yes.”

Q) How has Vintage Vibes changed your life?

“I think it’s good to get involved in something that interests you and absorbs you, and I think the benefits are to both the volunteer and to the person who’s being visited. I hope.”

“Well, I mean, your visits to me have been, you know, lifted me out of a deep sort of… I wasn’t just sad I was feeling really bad for a while after my husband died. And honestly it did help enormously, it really did.”

Thank you Wilma and Jean!

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