Behind the Scenes: Meeting Cat

By Georgia
on Wed 11 Jul 2018

Introducing Cat!


So that we can showcase the impact that our work here at Vintage Vibes has on all involved, we thought we’d spend some time with our volunteers to find out a little bit more about them and the work that they do. 

The first volunteer in the hot seat is Cat, a Social Policy and Sociology student, studying at Stirling University. Hi Cat!

In our family, Cat is our Dementia Ambassador & Researcher. She travels around, meeting with our VIPs and talking to them about the impact that Vintage Vibes has had on them. 

Cat discovered, through her volunteering, that loneliness can affect anyone from any walk of life. She has met a wide spectrum of different personalities; from the effervescent Norma (whom you can read about here) to some of our more reserved VIPs.   

“After my degree, as I have always been interested in politics, I would like begin a career in social work.  

It has been fascinating and heartwarming to see the impact that Vintage Vibes has on the lives of both the VIPs and their matches.” 

Cat has a number of uplifting and inspiring quotes from our VIPs, which just goes to show that sometimes, people just need a mate.  

Norma (below) described it as “A lift to life” and told Cat about how her match brings her daughter along and she has started to call Norma “Grannie”. 

VIP Interview

Volunteers have had their lives changed by the simple act of finding common interests with their matches and having the chance to chat to them about it.  

A VIP of ours told us:

“Whenever they leave after the visit, I can’t wait for them to come back.” 

Cat says, “Volunteering with Vintage Vibes has not only been a benefit to me in my education and my studies, but I have got a lot out of it personally too” 

Thanks for all your hard work Cat!

We will be meeting with each and every one of our volunteers in the upcoming weeks to find out a little bit more about them and to see what makes them tick. So, stick around.  


… And if you feel as though this is an experience you would like to join us on, keep an eye on our social media to find the best role for you.  

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